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Chilango is an award-winning chain of quick-service Mexican restaurants with locations throughout the UK. Invest alongside the former CEO of Domino's Pizza UK, the former VP of Marketing McDonald’s UK, and the former MD of Itsu, to support our continued growth ahead.

  • Net sales of £10.3M in previous Fiscal Year (FY)
  • Over £2M in restaurant EBITDA expected current FY
  • 5.3% positive like-for-like sales
  • 100% of restaurants profitable
  • 11 year operating history with steady growth
  • Experienced bond issuer with perfect payment history
  • Past and projected performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. Capital at risk.


In 2007, Dan and Eric quit their jobs at Skype to pursue their shared passion for Mexican food. Fast forward 11 years and Chilango is now a thriving, award-winning brand, on a mission to add flavour to people’s lives. Over 25,000 people a week visit our restaurants to enjoy a range of tasty meals including burritos, tacos, nachos, and salads. Chilango combines the flavours and quality you traditionally associate with a sit-down restaurant with the speed, price-point, and convenience you look for in a quick service restaurant. The best of both worlds.

Back in 2014 we made headlines around the world, from The Economist to The Wall Street Journal, when we launched the first-ever Burrito Bond™. Over 700 people gobbled up our original bond, investing over £2 million into the company, and with Burrito Bond 2 we’re opening up the opportunity once again.

Investors in Burrito Bond 2 include the former CEO of Domino’s Pizza UK, VP of Marketing McDonald’s UK, and MD of Itsu. Invest alongside them to support our continued growth ahead, while earning 8% per annum and picking up loads of free food and exclusive rewards along the way.

Key Industry Investors

  • Saul Klein, former Partner Index Ventures
  • Chris Moore, former CEO Domino's Pizza UK
  • Laurie Morgan, former VP Marketing, McDonald’s UK
  • David Haimes, former MD Itsu and European Development Director, Yum! Brands
  • Mike Dowell, former MD Costa Coffee, and current CEO Krispy Kreme UK
  • Paul Facella, former VP McDonald's, New York Region
  • Don Henshall, former CEO Krispy Kreme UK
  • Joanna Ramsdale, former Operations Director, Starbucks UK
  • Nick Schapira, International COO, Jamie Oliver Restaurants Group
  • Simon Kossoff, former Chairman of Carluccio’s

Awards and Praise

It’s been a thrilling ride to date, from cooking on national television with Tana Ramsay, to appearing as a guest judge with Lord Alan Sugar on The Apprentice, to several major TV features including BBC, Sky News, and CNN.

Along the way we’ve invested heavily in our food, people, and brand, which has led to a host of awards and praise in our quest to be the best:

  • Arguably the most exciting fast food company of the decade – Elite Business
  • Britain’s 27 Most Disruptive Entrepreneurs of 2014 – The Telegraph
  • Best New Chain Restaurants Around the World – Condé Nast Traveller
  • London's Best Burritos – Time Out
  • Delicious – Esquire Magazine
  • Fast Food of the Future – The Independent
  • Best burrito I ever had – Grazia Magazine
  • A big thumbs up! – Guardian Weekend
  • Eyes Roll Back with Sheer Satisfaction – Food & Travel Magazine
  • Utterly Delicious – Waitrose Food Illustrated
  • Chilango has food lovers queuing round the block – Telegraph Weekend
  • No.1 Mexican restaurant – Zagat Survey
  • Top 10 Healthiest High Street Chains – Men's Health
  • Best Buy – Zagat Survey
  • Best Newcomer – Peach Hero & Icon Awards
  • Coolest Brand of the Year - Crowdcube
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Eric Partaker

CO-CEO & Brand Evangelist

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Eric holds a Bachelor's Degree in Finance. Before Chilango Eric worked together with Dan at Skype. He was also a consultant with McKinsey & Company. Eric's obsessed with setting strategy, while continuously developing the food and brand. Eric was named among the Top 30 entrepreneurs in the UK, 35 years old and younger, by Startups Magazine, and among the Top 27 Most Disruptive Entrepreneurs in the UK, by The Telegraph.

Dan Houghton

CO-CEO & Data Scientist

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Dan has a First Class Degree in Mathematics from Cambridge University. Dan used to work at Skype with Eric. Dan focuses on acquiring and opening new restaurants, reviewing the numbers, and optimising the business via his love of data science. Dan was named among the Top 30 entrepreneurs in the UK, 35 years old and younger, by Startups Magazine, and among the Top 27 Most Disruptive Entrepreneurs in the UK, by The Telegraph.

Richard Franks


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Richard began his career in hospitality 13 years ago at EAT, eventually becoming Head of the London region overseeing 64 stores and a turnover of £52 million. Following EAT, Richard became the Regional Operations Manager with Harris & Hoole, a premium coffee brand. He was also the Managing Director of Apostrophe, a London-based coffee chain. At Chilango Richard oversees the operations and people within our restaurants.

Antonia Smith


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Antonia is a qualified FCCA with a Business & Finance Law degree from Brunel University. She manages all aspects of the Finance function. Prior to Chilango, Antonia was the Group Head of Finance at Mark Warner Group, a luxury tour operator. Previous roles include Corporate Accounting Manager at TUI UK, which had over £2 billion in turnover, as well as Financial Planning and Reporting Manager for Ted Baker PLC, the global fashion brand.


We’ve built a world-class team of investors and advisors, all of whom have personally invested in Chilango. Many of them have also already invested in Burrito Bond 2, including the former CEO of Domino’s Pizza UK, the former VP of Marketing McDonald’s UK, and the former MD of Itsu. You can read and hear why they invested below!

Chilango is in the enviable position of leading London's rapidly growing market for fast Mexican food with a solid base of restaurants, and a passionate and loyal following.

David Haimes

Former MD, Itsu

The Chilango brand is as good as it gets and can easily compete with the world's best.

Laurie Morgan

Former VP Marketing, McDonalds UK

I ran a 600+ unit restaurant chain at Domino's, so I know what it takes to roll out a concept. Chilango has the magic.

Chris Moore

Former CEO, Domino's Pizza UK


We’d love to share our presentation about the Burrito Bond 2 investment opportunity with you, but by law we can only share this information with those that have successfully submitted an investment application. To submit an application just click the Invest Now button below. You’ll then be taken through the investment process, which includes access to our presentation.

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Company Updates Follow Capital At Risk


Yet again we've had to increase the target on the round, given the overwhelming support of and interest in Chilango. The target for Burrito Bond 2 has now been set to £3.25M.


Who would have thought that nearly 600 people would have invested in Burrito Bond 2?! We're happy to say we've increased the target to £3.1M to make room for the continued interest!


Over 400 people have now invested, and the interest in our Burrito Bond 2 campaign continues! As a result we're adjusting our target up to £3.0M to accommodate the growing demand!


As we're now nearing £2.0M raised we've adjusted our target up to £2.5M to accommodate the growing interest in the offer. Join the over 250 people thus far that have invested in Burrito Bond 2 and become part of the Chilango family!


Burrito Bond 2 is raising funds at 6x the speed of the original Burrito Bond! We're thrilled to adjust our target up to £2.0M so that more people can become part of the Chilango story, and support our growth plans ahead.


Exciting News! Given the demand for Burrito Bond 2 we've decided to increase our initial target from £1M to £1.5M. Thanks for all of the investment support so far!


We crushed it. We've blown past our £1M minimum target within 24 hours of launching Burrito Bond 2 to the crowd. Now the march continues as we enter into "overfunding" status, and push well beyond the minimum £1M target. The more we raise in Burrito Bond 2, the more restaurants we'll be able to open. So let the charge continue! And thanks for the support so far.


The Bond is Back! Ever since we closed the first-ever Burrito Bond in 2014 we’ve received a steady stream of requests to offer another bond. 4 years later and Burrito Bond 2 is the answer, offering you the chance to support a brand you love, score loads of free food and exclusive rewards, earn 8% per annum, and invest alongside some industry titans like the former CEO of Domino's Pizza UK, VP of Marketing McDonald’s UK, and MD of Itsu. As Inc Magazine said, “The Burrito Bond is quite possibly the cleverest scheme for raising capital in the history of small business.” Join us and be part of something revolutionary once again!


On top of the 8% annual interest rate we're offering the following as part of the Burrito Bond 2.


Share The Love

Every investor will receive a voucher for two free burritos - one for you and one for a special friend, and a £10 promo code for free Chilango delivered to your door by Uber Eats.


Chilango 5 Meal Gift Card

The gift of Chilango, the gift of life. At a £1500 investment level you'll receive a gift card preloaded with 5 delicious meals.


Chilango 10 Meal Gift Card

The gift of Chilango, the gift of life. At a £2500 investment level you'll receive a gift card preloaded with 10 delicious meals.


The Chilango Green Card

This one's for the guac lovers. If you invest between £5,000 and £10,000 you will pick up a Chilango Green Card entitling you to free guacamole on one meal per transaction, during the lifetime of the Bond. You'll also enjoy zero delivery charge (ie, the delivery fee will be waived) on unlimited Chilango orders via Uber Eats.


The Chilango Black Card

This one's for the big dogs. For every £10,000 you invest you'll score a coveted Chilango Black Card, entitling you to a free meal per week for the lifetime of the Bond. So for example, if you invest £20,000 you will receive two Black Cards and then also become a hero when you gift one of them away. You'll also enjoy zero delivery charge (ie, the delivery fee will be waived) on unlimited Chilango orders via Uber Eats.


It's time to join us in our quest to live life to the fullest. Let's inject some vibrancy into your life!

Introducing our awesome referral program! When you invest in Burrito Bond 2 you receive a unique referral code. Then when your friends or family invest, they'll have the chance to add your code to their application so you can score a bunch of extra vibrant rewards. Our referral league table will show you how our leading referrers are doing.

Terms & Conditions apply.

5 Referrals
  • Spice up your life with a box of our Chilango Habanero Hot Sauce, bottled to our recipe in the homeland, Mexico, and delivered to your door
  • A signed copy of our soon-to-be-released cookbook (shhhhhh!)
  • Invite to our Annual Vibrancy Party
Everything you get with 5, plus...
  • Invitation to join the Chilango Inner Circle where you’ll join tastings and help us create new campaigns and menu items
  • Invitation to a special Chilango Flavour Event, hosted by the former Senior Development Chef of The Fat Duck (with Mezcal and Tequila of course!)
Everything you get with 10, plus...
  • An assorted case of Mexican beers on your birthday
  • A collection of never-before-released vibrant Chilango t-shirts
  • Opportunity to learn Spanish (or another language) from some of the world’s most accomplished language instructors
Everything you get with 20, plus...
  • Choose your own adventure! Pick one of the following experiences: skydiving, motor-racing, speed-boating, abseiling, bungee jumping, or ice climbing
  • A chance to win your choice of: A collaboration with a street artist to create a vibrant mural in your home OR an all expense paid Day of the Dead trip with us to Mexico City

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The Bond

The Burrito Bond is a very straightforward idea - you loan money to Chilango and we agree to pay you interest semi-annually and redeem your initial investment (the 'principal') when the Bonds mature.

The 'Burrito Bonds' will be issued by Chilango Bonds Plc, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mucho Mas Ltd. (Chilango) which has provided a guarantee for the payment obligations of Chilango Bonds Plc for the Burrito Bonds. Funds will be used to open new restaurants at an approximate cash outlay of £500,000 per restaurant, as well as refinance existing debt.

At the end of this initial four year term you have a choice: either continue to hold the Burrito Bonds for another year on exactly the same terms or give us six months' notice before the maturity date (or any subsequent anniversary) and we'll redeem your Burrito Bonds.

When the Burrito Bonds are redeemed, the full amount of your initial investment will be repaid without any deductions or charges.


Why are you raising money?
We want to add more flavour to people’s lives and make the world a more vibrant place. While we’re hugely proud of our existing restaurants, we know that there’s massive room to grow in order to make our amazing Mexican food more accessible to ever more people. Funds raised will support our continued growth ahead, so we can continue opening up new Chilango restaurants.
Why not raise money from a bank?
Well we could, but we really like the idea of letting our guests and fans help shape our future and participate in our success. Burrito Bond 2 allows us to do just that.
How much money are you raising?
Our initial target is £1 million. We may increase the target however, as the more we raise the more we'll be able to grow. Funds will be used to open additional restaurants at around £500,000 per restaurant, as well as to refinance existing debt.
Who can invest in the Burrito Bonds?
Individuals 18 or over, or companies or trusts, can invest in Burrito Bonds.
How will the rewards work?
Shortly after the fundraise closes we’ll send out investor rewards in line with the rewards thresholds presented with the campaign.
What will happen if Burrito Bond 2 is oversubscribed?
We may close the round at any point after reaching our initial target of £1 million. That said, each new restaurant costs around £500,000 to launch so the more we raise, the more restaurants we can open, and the additional free cash we can generate. The Burrito Bonds will be allocated on a 'first come, first served' basis, so get them while they’re hot!
Are there any limits to how many Burrito Bonds I can have?
No - the Bonds will be allocated in amounts of £500 or multiples thereof. There is no upper limit.
What taxes do I need to pay?
The tax treatment of interest payments will depend on each bondholder’s circumstances and tax status and whether or not the Bonds are held within a tax-favoured vehicle (such as a registered pension scheme). Interest payments will be paid gross, with no tax withheld on your behalf. We are unable to advise how much tax you should expect to pay on your gross interest payments, so please seek your own independent tax advice if you are uncertain.
How often will interest be paid, and how do I get it?
Interest will be paid twice every year.
Will my Burrito Bonds give me shares in Chilango?
No. The Burrito Bonds represent a loan to Chilango, not shares in the company. Bonds are traditionally loans for a fixed period with a fixed rate of interest. Burrito Bonds cannot be converted into shares.
When will I get my original investment back?
The Burrito Bonds are available on a four-year term, after which you will be able to receive your original investment back. You’ll need to let us know 6 months before the maturity (and on any subsequent anniversary) if you want to redeem your Burrito Bonds or else your investment will roll over for another year and we’ll continue paying you interest.
Can I sell or give my Burrito Bonds to someone else?
Unfortunately not. Burrito Bonds are non-transferrable.
Could Chilango prematurely redeem my Burrito Bonds?
We reserve the right to redeem some or all of the Burrito Bonds at any time (whether before or after the initial 4-year term).
Is the rate of return fixed?
Yes. The rate of return for Burrito Bonds is fixed at 8% for the lifetime of the Bond and will not change.
Can a company buy Burrito Bonds?
Yes, companies are eligible to buy Burrito Bonds. There may be specific tax implications you need to consider, so we strongly recommend you speak to a financial advisor.
Should I discuss the Burrito Bond with a financial advisor?
We strongly recommend that you do.
I like it - how do I apply?
Simply select the “Invest Now” button at the top of the page to submit an application.
I have other questions. Who should I speak to?
Well you can send an email to ir@mucho-mas.co.uk and we'll do our best to help. However, please note we are only allowed to provide investors with a single set of information, as contained on this website, within our investment presentation, and in our pitch videos. Financial promotion regulations prohibit us from providing an investor, who writes in for example, with more information about the investment opportunity than what we've already made available to everyone else.
I've already invested, now what?
Hang tight! Your funds are being safely held while the investment round in Burrito Bond 2 completes. Once the round closes we'll process all the Bond Certificates and issue them to investors, and also begin the process for issuing rewards.

Share the Love

EVERY INVESTOR will receive a voucher for two free burritos - one for you and one for a special friend. Nothing shows love like a free burrito, so pick wisely.